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Kelly Planer and the Perks

Alt-Bluegrass, Non-Traditional Roots Music



About Kelly Planer and the Perks


Bluegrass barely scratches the surface of the music of Kelly Planer and the Perks. Alt-bluegrass, American Roots Music comes closer, yet we prefer to keep our options open. With Dave Coin's sly banjo, Kelly's vocals, and Dave Imhof's solid bass, you never know what the Perks will come up with next. From The Beatles and Nirvana to traditional Bluegrass, every Perks show is full of unmistakable style and fun.



Meet the Perks

Dave Coin

Dave's father introduced him to all KINDS of amazing music: Duke Ellington, Stan Getz, Beethoven, Ella Fitzgerald, the Beatles and more. Dave applied that musical knowledge to the bass, sax and eventually, the banjo. He spent two years as a member of the Mummers - a proud member of the Woodland String Band. His banjo playing has entertained audiences at all kinds of venues, ranging from impromptu grocery stores gigs to Martin Guitar and even hotel lobbies in Norway. His versatility with both Scruggs-style and clawhammer banjos gives Dave the ability to play across a wide range of musical genres. When asked why he loves playing with the Perks, he says, “It just keeps getting better!”

Kelly Planer

Kelly spent her life singing – in the car, at school, in church, in the woods… anywhere and everywhere she could get an audience. Years later, while recovering from surgery, she picked up a guitar and never put it down. After her first festival gig, someone left a bag of cotton candy on her car with a note. The note read, “You were so good tonight, baby!” Kelly admits that the note probably was a mistake – but then again… maybe a sign? Kelly enjoys collaborating with “The Daves” to bring the diverse repertoire of the Perks to life. “I like our process. We take songs we love, reinterpret them for a new instrumentation and have a great time bringing re-imagined music to our audiences.

Dave Imhof

Dave is a classically trained trombonist who plays bass for a bluegrass band. It sort of happened one ill-fated evening when a dizzy trumpet player nearly knocked Dave into a nervous looking harpist. From then on, Dave plays it safe with his roots band, The Perks.

Music isn’t just his hobby! As a band director and music administrator, Dave spends his days instilling the love of music in students. Highlights in his musical career include performances in Toronto, Brussels’ Grand Plaza and of course in the model bathroom where the Perks once played a party at a contractor’s office. When asked why he enjoys playing with the Perks, Dave says, “Playing music with great people? It doesn’t get any better than that!”


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